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"With Ringana for financial independence"

With Ringana for financial independence

become a Fresh Partner today


Would you like to have a few hundred Euros extra per month in your bank account? To be able to afford a better holiday, piano lessons for your child, or pay the rates on your house without stressing? This is possible with only a few hours of work each week – without having to travel long distances for a part-time job while having to manage care for the children on top of it.


A flexible side-job working from home in a loosely structured time frame. For a normal sideline job paying 400 Euros, you usually have to invest far more time, plus you cannot determine your own schedule. But there are other possibilities.

Ringana experiences:

How I became a Freshness Partner 


I, too, started off like this. I  was a single parent, and originally wanted to earn a few extra Euros from part-time work. The mothers among you, especially, will be familiar with the problem: your income is just enough to take care of the children, while holidays or extra expenses are hard to imagine. However, the children’s playmates are having a nice holiday –while you have to look at how to somehow keep your own children occupied during six weeks of the summer break... Buying beautiful things for yourself is something you just can’t think about. 

Since Ringana Fresh Cosmetics had helped me so well with my own skin problems, when I had the chance in 2002, I joined the company as a partner. At that time, direct selling was still completely new territory for me, and even in my social circle my new activity as a Fresh Partner was regarded with a bit of scepticism. But is Ringana in any way less than serious? Very clearly: no!

Direct marketing is just another avenue of distribution. For example, there are no costs for your own shop or employees, and capital can thus be invested in high-quality products. Because only then does the concept work – you certainly would not recommend mediocre products to your friends!


Right! Every company has a marketing structure, from sales managers down to employees.


With Ringana, a direct marketing company, work is outsourced exclusively to our autonomous Fresh Partners. Basically, this is a normal business model. If you look at it in more detail, the highly stratified pyramid system can be found in every company: up at the top the big boss, and the pyramid widens downwards through middle management, arriving at the bottom rung of the ladder where there are many smalltime employees. It is different with direct marketing and sales – everyone has the same opportunity to progress, no matter what qualifications you bring, whom you know or where you come from.

My scepticism was quickly alleviated. My part-time job eventually became a fulltime job and now I get to do work that does not feel like work – with financial independence, a better quality of life and a better time in general. In addition, I can  motivate people – no matter what their age, origin or education – to build up this business as I accompany them on a shared path toward a self-determined life full of freedom. But perhaps, to understand my enthusiasm for this company, you first have to look at the history of Ringana.

What is Ringana? 

Ringana is an Austrian family business founded by Andreas Wilfinger and his life-partner Ulla Wannemacher. It all started when their son brought home a tube of toothpaste from kindergarten, which he had received from the ‘toothbrush aunt’. The parents examined the product and came across all sorts of questionable ingredients that they really didn’t want in their child’s mouth. At the same time, they were quite aware of and quite used to finding suspicious contents in cosmetics as well.

This was the starting signal for a business idea: cosmetics that were to be produced entirely without preservatives and without the addition of any animal products. With the help of Andreas’s father, a well-known hotelier in Hartberg, they applied for a loan to set up their first laboratory and start the company ‘Ringana’.

The products were prepared by the two according to their own original recipes. After initial growing pains, they managed to launch a line of entirely natural products. The company now employs more than 250 people and in 2018 booked sales of 80 million Euros. Ringana has more than fifty products in its line, ranging from shampoo to soap, sunscreen and energizing drinks. And they also pay close attention to their ecological footprint. At Ringana everything is produced – from the packaging to the product itself – in adherence to the highest ethical standards. The aforementioned son Michael is now grown and also works in the family-owned company.

After the first products were tested within the family, on immediate acquaintances and on some hotel guests of Wilfinger’s father, the initial orders came in. These successes and the  recommendations that came with them led Ringana in 1998 to have the products presented by so-called Fresh Partners, who sell Ringana products directly to customers.

And that’s exactly what you too can do: from home, at your own pace.

You would like: 

 to be your own boss
 to become financially independent
 to finally be able to offer your family a more comfortable life
 to have more time for the beautiful things in life
 to have better quality of life in general 

Perhaps you would also prefer to never be obliged ‘to go back to work’ in order to afford time for the finer things in life? Then you should think about the business opportunity that Ringana offers. I am fortunate enough to live out these dreams and also to help other women realise their personal happiness – and financial independence as well.

How can I become a Ringana Partner? 

To become a Ringana partner, you do not have to invest large sums in your own business, nor build a large warehouse that you will eventually have to sell at great inconvenience. And this does not come into play for the additional reason that the fresh cosmetics from Ringana have an expiry date. So, the products are sent directly from the company to the customer.


Joining the programme does not involve financial risk: only the purchase of a one-time starter package for the amount of 29 € is necessary here, but with this you get tickets for your initial training in the value of over 39 €, as well as many helpful documents related to your activity as a Fresh Partner. And I advise everyone to place a product order according to their own needs, to get to know some products at home and then to be able to recommend them authentically. After all, how can one enthusiastically talk about products if one does not even use them? 

I can help you to change your life in a positive way, by finding out in a conversation with you about the goals you truly wish to pursue, after which we will work together in addressing your personal needs: whether it is the additional income as a mother, general supplementary income or independent self-sufficiency.


Working with Ringana: fair and from anywhere

The advantage of being a Ringana Fresh Partner: you can do the job from anywhere – and all over Europe! In this way I was able to pass on the business opportunity to a friend who lives in London, who now also has an additional income with her own time management. Because many European cities now offer information resources and training events. So you too can build and lead a team, even though the members might be  geographically separated. Modern technology makes it possible! 

Our customer relations policy is especially fair here. If a customer is already buying his products from another Fresh Partner, then one is not allowed to sell to them. We politely advise the customer to order the products from their existing Fresh Partner.

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