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"A local ‘patriot’ with a love of nature and love for my job  "

That’s me: a local ‘patriot’ with a love of nature and love for my job 


Thanks to my birthplace in Lienz, the love of nature has been an important theme in my life ever since I was a child. Here in East Tyrol I find not only an excellent quality of life – which I have come to appreciate more and more during my son’s childhood years – but also I have grown a greater fondness for the mountain world of the Lienz Dolomites, the streams and lakes. For me, they mean pure love itself. 

I came to my other love, my calling as a Ringana Fresh Partner – as it so often is in life – through coincidence. In 2002, my mother was on holiday in Hartberg, where the headquarters of Ringana is located. At that time a small company, the laboratory of Andreas Wilfinger and his life partner Ulla Wannemacher was still housed in the attic of Wilfinger’s father’s Bio Hotel, and my mother had the chance to go on a guided tour. Knowing that I’d had skin problems since I was quite young, she brought me an introductory set: she knew that Ringana products are freshly made and contain no artificial ingredients – a blessing to my sensitive skin. 

Karin Lang

Of course, my female friends soon noticed my greatly improved skin-tone and asked me which products I had been using. So, actually, my way from being a customer to my current role as a Ringana Fresh Partner has been completely unspectacular. Later I was to continue on this path through our team building.

Ringana was and still remains a gift to my life. It enables me to continue to live out my love of nature while building a successful business that earns honest and ethical money, thanks to the company’s practical sustainability. I have been able to fulfil the lifelong dream of financial independence and self-sufficiency – as a single mother in addition to the job, flexible in terms of place & time. In my generation, I am already among those who are aging the best. In my cultural milieu there are unfortunately plenty of individuals who only yearn for retirement, because they are miserable in their jobs. I am very fortunate that I am allowed to practice a profession that I do not consider to be work but rather a blessing. I always pay attention to my health and fitness; I feel much younger than I am at fifty-five and I plan to pursue my vocation as a Ringana Fresh Partner for many years to come. Because: the job gives me and my life a sense of direction – and I have fun with it; thanks to Ringana I get to know many new people, countries & cultures. 

Of course, I am also a bit of a patriot and find it twice as nice to be able to realise my dreams thanks to an Austrian family business, which does good not only for human beings, but also for animals, nature and the environment. 

I want to give other women exactly the same chance, which I received as a single mother. Providing them with employment that gives them the desired financial independence and flexibility makes me happy, as does the work accomplished together in my team. I am very grateful for that. 

Health & Beauty – thanks to the freshness of nature. For me, Ringana means healthy beauty and beautiful health.

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