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Ringana Products

"Natural variety without artificial additives"

Ringana products

 Natural variety without artificial additives 


Ringana has been committed to producing natural, fresh cosmetics and dietary supplements since 1996.

Ringana products are free of fillers, dyes and fragrances, as well as hormonally active substances, chemical emulsifiers, mineral oil- and PEG-derivatives, industrial alcohol or silicones.

Due to their natural composition and high content-level of the active ingredients, unpleasant side effects are far less frequently encountered than with conventional cosmetics.

I, too, was plagued with skin problems for years and, thanks to an introductory set from Ringana, have found products that I tolerate well and that have helped me consistently.


Due to the fact that their products are free from chemical additives, Ringana Fresh Cosmetics are significantly more friendly to the environment than traditional ‘industrial’ cosmetics.

In addition, all personal-care products are 100% vegan and are never tested on animals. If you still want to convince yourself of the natural character of these products, you can enter them in the app ‘Codecheck’ and examine the ingredients.

My personal favorite products

Zähne & Zahnfleisch.png

Ringana products are sustainable through and through  

Ringana has committed itself to sustainability, not only in its products but also throughout the entire business process – from development through production to sales.


If you buy Ringana products, you are buying fresh self-care products and natural cosmetics, as well as nutritional supplements and natural herbal mixtures of the highest quality – produced under circumstances where every employee and partner in the sales-chain is fairly compensated for their work. 

In addition to the skin care products, Ringana nutritional supplements have also helped me improve my health. I have addressed intestinal health with the ‘Pack C’ as well as treating issues in my joints with ‘Caps Move’. Even the isotonic beverage called ‘Boost’ has become an indispensable partner to my sporting activities such as cycling and skiing.


The Matchatee and Ringana CHI are my daily companions, to be fit and wide awake, mentally as well as physically. In addition, ‘Pack A’ and ‘Pack B’ give me again and again the necessary regimen of vitamins to survive bouts of the flu and to bring my acid-base balance into a state of equilibrium.

Buy Ringana products:


My offer

Are you addressing health issues, or are you looking for fresh natural cosmetics? Then Ringana products are just right for you.  


I can offer you:


Facial care,

Personal hygiene,

Hair care,

Sun care,

Travel-size introductory sets.

In our range of dietary supplements I can help you with:

 Packs: nutritional supplements in powder form
 Caps: special formulas for individual needs, such as menopausal symptoms, support for memory, enhancing the immune system – and much more.
 Drinks

Of course there are also Ringana products for weight loss as well as for hobby- and professional athletes. To buy Ringana products, feel free to visit my shop or contact me for your individual consultation.


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